Guide Lines

We welcome webmasters with any adult chat, dating, forum or singles site, We DO NOT accept porn websites. Please read this guidelines page in full before you submit your link as we do have some rules and regulations on the content and setup of websites we refuse include.

Ad Policy

Chat sites which are obviously plasted in advertisements will be rejected, we also frown upon websites who display ads and ask for donations. We deem this as unethical and your site will be rejected without response. We do not support websites that display obvious ads hidden in a manner that will trick users into clicking them.

Adult Content is using Google Adsense, in the TOS of displaying google ads you may not place ads on a page with adult content. We will reject all PORN SITES, ADULT FRIENDFINDERS and other sites which promote too many keywords relating to extreme adult content.

Reciprocal Link

Every website that requests inclusion on the is expected to have a reciprocal on the website you want linked to BEFORE THE WEBSITE IS SUBMITTED. The Submit Form has an editbox where you must provider the URL to our reciprocal link on your website, If our moderator does not find out link on that page your request will be ignored. We link directly to the submitted URL no internal pages, we expect the same and also require a link back from the website we link to. Do not return a link from a Third party website.


When a webmasters site is featured on it is on the site indefinitely, We expect the same. When your page is scanned (Daily) and if our reciprocal link has been removed a moderator will be informed and you will be black listed from linking with any Stelivo Website. is owned and controled by Stelivo and has over 50 high traffic domains and we support link exchanges with all of them.


If you have been rejected and your sites meet the requirements above these could be some of the reasons why the website was rejected. is only interested in linking with websites that have simaler Page Rank and traffic stats. If you've just finished your website and it gets no traffic we have no interest in linking with the site. We only consider linking with valid domains .com, .net, etc.. We do not link with free websites providers like geocities and freewebs. If you still think your rejection was unfair please Email the Webmaster